Dropside Options


Additional lashing bar

An additional lashing bar can be supplied to add to the lashing assembly on the headboard of your dropside or tipper body to suit your particular requirements.


Ingimex can fit livery to customer’s requirements during production of the body.

Access Kit (grab handle & folding footstep)

Steel tubular grab handles an fold-out footsteps can be fitted to either side of the headboard of an Ingimex body. The Ingimex folding footstep installation has been designed in line with HSE guidelines (safe access to road vehicles WPT02).

Access Kit XL (access kit plus under body step)

In addition to the Access Kit option, an underbody footstep can be fitted as part of a side guard. Finish is yellow/grey powder coat as standard.

Load separators & load rear stop

Ingimex load separators are tubular steel installations that give even distribution of loads across the gantry. These are fitted in conjunction with the rear stop which acts as an additional lashing point.

Tool trunks

The Ingimex tool trunk has a bolted construction to aid easy replacement of panels, but bolts can only be undone from the inside for security.

Tow bar

Ingimex tow bar installations are designed to European standards and type approved. Ingimex uses Witter as the preferred supplier of their tow bars.

Painted sideboards

Painted sideboards can be supplied to match cab colour instead of the anodised sideboards that are supplied as standard.

Additional lashing points

Additional lashing points can be added to suit your particular requirements.

Fall Rails

Ingimex fall rail installations are designed to be lightweight but strong. They are fitted 850mm above the deck of the body.

Tail-lift Installation

Ingimex column tail-lift installations are completely integrated with the body structure, giving our tail-lift conversion its market leading installation weight. The tail-lift installation is designed to European standards and is load tested to 2.1 x the lifting capacity and cycle tested to 10,000 hours using our onsite test equipment.

Under-slung tool box

Plastic, lockable toolbox fitted underneath the body. Dimensions are 360 x360 x 520mm (w x h x l)
Tool boxes can be fitted during production of the body with no addition to the lead time, or they can be added to used or in-service vehicles.

Wide range of optional extras

Our  Dropside bodies support a wide range of bolt-on modifications to suit your particular requirements, either during initial manufacture or on existing vehicles, contact us to place your orders.