Mercedes Sprinter Dropside

2006 – Present


Suitable for general freight, the Ingimex Dropside is a low cost, lightweight, high strength body with a market leading payload designed to EN12642 XL & EN12640.

Designed and tested to the latest European standards, fitted with an array of features as standard, and easily adapted to allow for the addition of optional modifications; the Ingimex dropside is the perfect partner for your Mercedes Sprinter chassis.


Full height, embossed steel panel construction for maximum protection and visibility


Powder coated aluminium corner posts extend above board height to form lateral stops.


Three level load lashing and a 400kg gantry capacity; you can lash loads of all shapes and sizes


Board and lock assemblies have been tested to a burst load of 1.7 tonnes and are designed to out-perform steel welded equivalents.


Steel parts are either dip e-coated and powder coated or zinc plated to give the finish at least 500 hrs salt spray resistance.


Platform is a one piece, 15mm thick, full birch non-slip deck, top fitted for easy replacement and repair.


Designed, manufactured and tested in the UK


Comes with a 3 year Ingimex warranty as standard

Mercedes Sprinter Chassis options

Suitable for general freight, the Ingimex Mercedes Sprinter Dropside is a low cost, versatile, lightweight vehicle with a high payload, available to fit a variety of Mercedes Sprinter chassis cabs and chassis crew cabs, see the table beneath for more detail and dimensions.

Frame Length L2 L3 L2 L3
(X)WHEEL BASE(mm) 3665 4325 3665 4325
(A)Internal Length(mm) 3477 4287 2665 3475
(B)Internal Width(mm) 2026 2026 2026 2026
(B)External Width(mm) 2087 2087 2087 2087
(C)Sideboard Height(mm) 400 400 400 400
(D)Tail-board-Height(mm) 400 400 400 400
(E)Overall Length(mm) 6183 6993 6181 6993
Body Weight 268 311 225 268

Wide range of optional extras

Our Mercedes Sprinter Dropside bodies support a wide range of bolt-on modifications to suit your particular requirements, either during initial manufacture or on existing vehicles.